If you are looking for testing locations, please look on the Proctoring page for more information.  You DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE to schedule your exams through EXAMITY.

Primary Responsibility

It is the primary responsibility of the individual taking the course to obtain a proctor, schedule appointment with proctor, as required, and to accurately communicate this information to the proctor in the Office of Online Learning or proctoring specialist at the Gulf Coast Library in a timely manner, using the appropriate application.

  1. Locate an acceptable proctor
    • Acceptable proctors include:
      • University, Community College, or College Testing Centers
      • A public library (if proctoring services are available and they are able to monitor you)
      • A testing/tutoring facility
      • Military personnel may contact the Education or Testing Officer (if at sea, the Ship’s captain)
      • Students in foreign countries may contact a U.S. Embassy for assistance or a College or University in that country
    • Non-acceptable proctors include:
      • Supervisors
      • Co-workers
      • Family members
      • Relatives (close or distant)
      • Personal friends
      • K-12 Employees/Teachers
      • No institution other than those listed above (this includes medical facilities, law firms, and the like.)
  2. Contact your chosen proctor to ensure availability prior to listing them on your application.
    • The Application must include the proctor’s first & last name, job title, place of employment, and an email address (NO PERSONAL EMAIL: Please make sure you get the correct email) & phone number (NO CELL PHONES) associated with the testing site.
  3. Let your chosen proctor know that our office will send a Verification Form to them that will need to be completed and returned to our office before they will be approved to proctor your exam.
  4. You must present a Photo ID to the Proctor (Driver’s License, Government Issued ID, USM ID).

Deadline for “Application for Proctoring – Hattiesburg Campus and NON-USM Testing Site

  1. You must allow a minimum of three (3) work days before the requested examination date. Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and holidays do not count as working days. This will ensure there is ample time to process your application and to forward exam information to the approved proctors. Examples: If an application is submitted on Wednesday, you will schedule your exam no earlier than the following Tuesday. If you submit your application on a weekend, you will need to schedule your exam no earlier than Thursday of the upcoming week.
  2. A $30 late fee will be charged if an application is submitted late and must be paid before your application will be processed. The late fee is in addition to the $10 (NON-USM $20) exam fee.

Gulf Park Campus

  1. You must allow a minimum of four (4) work days, before the requested examination date.
  2. $30 late fee will be charged if an application is submitted late and must be paid before your application will be processed. The late fee is in addition to the $10 (NON-USM $20) exam fee.

Examity (virtual proctoring within Canvas)

  1. System requirements for Examity includes access to a high speed Internet connection, built in or external working, webcam and microphone.
  2. Pricing for Examity is $15.00 for the first hour and $7.00 for each additional hour.
  3. You must allow one (1) day (24 hours). If you are scheduling less than 24 hours in advance, you must select the “On-Demand” scheduling option.
  4. Scheduling a virtual proctor should be done through Canvas rather than this website. Additional information can be found on the Examity page.

Fees Associated with a Proctored Exam

All USM students, regardless of location, will be charged the $10 proctoring fee per exam. Payment is due at the time the application is submitted.

If you use a testing center, there may be separate proctor fees associated with that particular site. In this case, it is the student’s responsibility to pay those fees.

The same guidelines apply for Non-USM students in need of proctored exams. It is up to the student to contact their education institution if proctoring services are required through the Office of Online Learning. Our office does not contact them for you. The fee for Non-USM students is $20 per exam. The late fee $30 with in three (3) work days of exam date requested. Example: If you submit your application on a Sunday, your exam date will be Thursday.