Wait, what?!

That’s right, being a successful student just got easier with the help of a new “one stop shop” website that rolled out this week. Students can now find all the resources they need in one convenient place. Instead of fumbling around the web and getting distracted on social media and forgetting the original reason to look something up, students can now find everything they need at the NEW Student Success website. Need help finding a tutor? Need help writing a paper? Not sure if you’re plagiarizing? Can’t figure out where your class building is located? The Student Success website will answer your question and/or point you in the right direction.


Students aren’t the only ones with questions, though. We all know PARENTS want to know all the things. With a Parent’s Edition of FAQ’s, the Student Success site provides a lot of information for parents to consult before contacting campus officials. A lot of questions are answered in this one easy to find spot.


The site gets better though. It is also helpful for faculty and staff! Often times students come to our offices asking questions, lots of questions. Having resources that can be quickly retrieved makes for a much more productive meeting or drop-in. With tons of advising resources, this site offers a plethora of information in one place to answer the majority of questions that cross our desks.


Student, Parent, Faculty or Staff, take some time to peruse this “one stop shop” website.  http://www.usm.edu/success

Go ahead and bookmark it. You’ll be thankful.

Student Success Information