Faculty, are you struggling to make it to campus to learn about Canvas? The Office of Online Learning has a solution.

In order to accommodate all faculty and staff who will use Canvas, the Office of Online Learning has developed an online training course.

The Canvas Online Training is designed to mimic an online course delivered through Canvas.  Each workshop is delivered as a module within the course.  All training materials for the Canvas Online Training were taken directly from previously held live Canvas workshop sessions.  Each module contains an assessment.  To successfully complete the workshop online, users must take and pass the assessment at the end of the module.

This online training covers the following topics:

Canvas Workshop #1

  • Logging into Canvas
  • Using the global navigation
  • Accessing your course
  • Using the course navigation
  • Modifying the Home page
  • Creating a module
  • Adding content and
  • Creating an assignment

Canvas Workshop #2

  • Cleaning up the following areas: Gradebook, Assignments, Quizzes, Modules
  • Managing course assignments and assignment groups
  • Managing quizzes
  • Reorganization of Modules
  • Customization of Course Navigation
  • Identifying broken or inactive links within course content
  • Specific user questions

Canvas Workshop #3

  • Identifying communication tools within Canvas
  • Comparing Canvas communication tools to Blackboard communication tools
  • Customizing communication channels and notifications
  • Using Big Blue Button (synchronous communication)
  • Using course email
  • Creating announcements

Learn more about signing up for the online training here.

If you have any questions, please email Mark Ferguson (mark.ferguson@usm.edu) or Susan Rayborn (susan.rayborn@usm.edu) in the Office of Online Learning.