Yes! From dance to French classes, our faculty are teaching groundbreaking subjects online and are doing it with academic rigor.

Dr. Joanne Burnett, Associate Professor of French and Second Language Acquisition, has been teaching French online for ten years.

The subjects range from children’s literature to food. Burnett teaches classes about Marie Antoinette and the Revolution, French Film, French in the Americas, Children’s and Adolescent Francophone Literature, French Cuisine, A History of the French Language, France and the Media, France in the 5th Republic, Women Francophone Writers, and Options in the Teaching of Grammar.

Burnett says she enjoys teaching online courses in the Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages program. “I enjoy meeting French teachers from across the country who are interested in improving their knowledge of French language, culture, and history, but who also want to improve their teaching practices,” says Burnett.

Can online classes be exciting?

Yes! Like many faculty at Southern Miss, Burnett goes out of her way to be sure online students get the full experience of their classes. “I work to create an online experience that is both challenging and responsive to my students’ needs as teachers and learners of French,” said Burnett. “I upload films, videos, websites, authentic materials and documents that make the online experience interactive and enriching.”

Southern Miss: Changing the lives of teachers and students.

Burnett says the online program at Southern Miss offers some students the only option to complete an advanced degree in French. “Most are working teachers with families who lead busy lives. Some live and teach in rural areas with no other options, and we provide a necessary service by offering our curriculum online,” said Burnett.

Learning for the 21st Century

Burnett says bringing French classes to online students is important. “It allows French teachers to have options in completing a degree, and offers a flexible educational experience and environment that is important for 21st century learners. “

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