Yuja is connected to Canvas, but this is not a direct connection.  Just because you record and save a presentation recording to Yuja does not mean it will automatically appear in Canvas.  Adding video from Yuja to Canvas is a manual process that you (the student) must complete for your instructor, and fellow students, to see what you have recorded or created.

Typically, instructors will have you submit video presentations in two places: (1) Assignments or (2) Discussions.  An Assignment submission is between you and the instructor only, and they are usually graded. Discussions are typically visible to all students in the course, or a specific group of students.  Presentations submitted to a discussion can be viewed by others. The steps for both are similar and are listed below. When a variation is discussed, it will identify whether the variation is for an Assignment or a Discussion.

  1. Login to Canvas and select the desired class.

  2. Open the desired Discussion or Assignment

    Depending on the class, you will either click on the Discussions or Assignment menu items to find the assignment/discussion you need. If you do not see these menu options, you may have to locate the assignment/discussion through Modules.

  3. Posting video to a discussion or an assignment uses the Rich Text Editor in Canvas.  However, accessing this editor is different for both.

    For a Discussions: click Reply.  Most instructors will create an initial discussion prompt with some directions or questions for you to Reply to.  If your instructor has their discussions setup differently, follow the directions listed by the instructor to get to the Rich Text Editor.

    For an Assignment: click Submit Assignment.  After you click Submit Assignment, a submission block appears below the button.  Click the Text Entry tab.

  4. In the text editor that appears, locate and click on the More External Tools icon. It appears at the top of the text editor in the row of icons as a blue arrow pointing down (to the right of the orange O – see below).Canvas Rich-text-editor Toolbar
  5. Select Yuja Media from the menu options
  6. A new Yuja window will appear. Scroll down to see the videos stored in your account.  If you already have video content on your Yuja account, you may have to search for the video by title.
  7. Click on the desired video to select it. Yuja will embed that video into the text editor for you.
  8. Click Submit Assignment or Post Reply to finish the process.